"I would like to extend my deepest, sincerest, and heartfelt appreciation to you for helping me do the impossible: Quit Smoking! After 40 years and numerous attempts in trying to quit (hypnosis, patch, Nicorette gum, etc.) none of these methods remained as permanent and successful as did your acupuncture treatments. After meeting with you and receiving my first initial treatment, I was smoke free from day one!

In life, I've learned that giving into an urge is the easy part; not giving in has its challenges, but the new character it builds along with my physical recovery from all those toxins has been so very rewarding. There are some days I feel stronger than other days, but just like an amputee, I battle the "phantom" pleasure memories daily and know that eventually I will rid myself of those brain receptors. One thing I've learned for sure is that in all my previous attempts in trying to quit, I am truly convinced that using or putting any form of nicotine into my system would not have netted me the success I'm experiencing today because nicotine is a drug and an addiction. Because my body is rid of it (which actually that seemed like the easier part) the truly only difficult part I deal with now is like I mentioned earlier: "my phantom" which is getting easier in time.

I hope that you will share this letter with many others in hopes that my personal testimony will convince those who have tried but were unsuccessful, that I am living proof of being the recipient of your miraculous acupuncture treatment and I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you once again Dr. Song!" Maria

"I have been suffering due to pain in my neck and back for over ten years. I have tried everything that traditional Western Medicine had to offer starting from P/T, pain medications, cortisone, and cervical epidural lumbar injections. I came to the point of going in for level three C4-C7 disc replacement until I met wonderful Dr. Song in the summer of 2009. Dr. Song’s treatment has tremendously helped me avoid surgery all together and bring my neck and back pain down to a very low and tolerable level. I would recommend him to anybody who is open to trying alternative treatment. Thank you Dr. Song! God bless you!" Charu Kapadia

"My name is Linda and I am 52 years old. I am a preschool teacher and also have M.S. I began coming to see Dr. Song about 3 months ago. I have severe lower back pain and neck pain. There were many days where I would cry due to the pain. With my job I am always bending over and picking up children. That became very difficult. Now after coming here I am pretty much pain free. I am very happy and so is my husband. The office is very friendly and understanding if I need to change my appointment." Linda Martinez

"In January, I was in a minor car accident and began to have daily headaches. I've had migraine headaches for many years and have been on different medications but to no avail. The medication just muddled my brain but didn't block the pain. Now because of the accident, I was in constant pain.

A friend daily referred me to Dr. Song -- confident that he could help me. I finally gave in and called for an appointment. I didn't expect results but thought it wouldn't hurt to give this a try.

Dr. Song took a medical history and then x-rays. He then scheduled me to return in a few days after he had time to review my case. When I returned, Dr. Song explained the results of the x-rays. I had some degenerative problems along with the injury from the accident. My neck bones were out of place and he would need to adjust them. He explained to me in detail exactly what he would be doing, making sure that all of my questions were answered. I must admit that the "stretching table" sounded like torture -- however when the time came, I bravely followed Iris to the table and was surprised to find that when the 10 minutes were up, I was beginning to feel better. Next came the water table, and 10 more minutes of relaxing. By the time I got to the point in the appointment to have my neck adjusted, I was so relaxed and fully trusted Dr. Song. He made sure that I was relaxed before he adjusted my neck. Almost instantly, the headache that I had for months was gone! I felt like I was walking in air. When I got to my car, I just sat there trying to drink in the feeling of no pain. When I backed out of the parking space, I could turn my head completely to look for cars coming. Amazing! I usually had to turn my whole body! I sat there turning my head from side to side-- no pain and complete movement!

Within a few appointments, I found that the tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck was beginning to subside. I am now half-way through my treatment and am excited about the end result. I often find myself recommending my friends to Dr. Song knowing they will find relief from their pain.

Dr. Song took out time to ask questions, find out about my medical history, take x-rays, and then study the things he had learned about me before setting a treatment plan. He wanted to help, not just mask the pain with drugs and it is working. Thank you, Dr. Song." Alicia Cook

"When I was told that I had carpal tunnel in both wrists and a pinched nerve in my neck, my family doctor gave me the name and phone number of a hand surgeon. Fortunately, at the same time I saw Dr. Song's ad in "Suburban woman" because I am not a person who will go "under the knife" without exploring all options.

From the first consultation meeting with Dr. Song, I felt confident that I had done the right thing in seeking out his opinion and expertise in Chiropractic care and Acupuncture. The pain and numbness in my hand have all but disappeared in a few short weeks of regular treatment. The pinched nerve in my neck still persists, but most days the pain is down to a dull ache. I am extremely happy with the treatment I received from Dr. Song's office visits." Sue Salvesan

"Patient: A 64 year old young-at-heart retired teacher

Health Concern: 1) Arthritis in both hands. 2) No cartilage between the bones at the base of thumbs; bone hits bone

Health Concern: 1) Arthritis in both feet. 2) Plantar Faciaitis in both feet. 3) Calcium deposits on the tops of both feet.

Limitations: Hand: Consistent pain in both hands in all activities- For example: Lifting free weights, opening jars, writing, picking up/holding grandchildren.

Limitations: Feet: Consistent pain in both feet (even with orthotics)- For example: walking, standing, holding grandchildren, traveling with husband, difficulty finding comfortable shoes, limited workout options.

Medication: 200mg Celebrex (pain medication) daily for 4years with minimal relief.

Dr. Song's Treatment Plan:

1) Decrease/stop Celebrex (harmful side effects) use Kaprex for pain control instead. 2) Acupuncture treatment for hands and feet in office. 3) Physical Therapy for hands and feet in office. 4) Home Therapy for feet: roll golf ball under feet. 5) Home therapy for hands: hot/cold water hand soak.

From the moment I come into the office for my treatments and Iris greets me, I start to feel RELAXED MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY and I know I am in a PLACE OF HEALING. There is a sense of WARMTH AND SINCERITY that permeates the office. The POSITIVE ATTITUDE in the office sets a healing tone.

Since beginning my treatment plan with Dr. Song, I have more HOPE than I had in years regarding my health because I am seeing results from the treatment plan.

Dr. Song EXPLAINS THOROUGHLY my therapy during treatment by showing MODELS OF THE HAND AND FOOT to make sure I understand every part of my treatment plan. I feel like I AM PART OF MY TREATMENT PLAN by following up at home with the at-home therapy that Dr. Song recommended (rolling a golf ball under my feet and soaking my hands in hot/cold water for inflammation control and mobility). I feel like Dr. Song and Iris are a WONDERFUL TEAM working with me helping me achieve OPTIMUM HEALTH.

Thanks to Dr. Song, I can HOLD MY GRANDCHILDREN and not feel like I'm going to drop them because of pain in my hands. When I work out, I can USE FREE WEIGHTS and not get a sharp pain in my hands when I move them. I can exercise using the ELLIPTICAL FOR 30 MINUTES and not have to stop because of pain in my feet. I know I am seeing GREAT IMPROVEMENT in pain control and mobility. I feel good about using a NATURAL SUPPLEMENT that doesn't have side effects to relieve pain.

Thank you, Dr. Song, for using your vast knowledge and professional experience in developing a treatment plan that addresses and effectively improves my health needs." Carmein Blassuci

"I have suffered from allergies for most of my life. I can't remember a day without wanting to surgically remove my nose for another. I was very nasally. Every day I would be asked if I have cold and I would reply no it is my allergies! It was not seasonal. I suffered all year. I 've been to many doctors tried all meds and even had surgery! Nothing worked. I was willing to try anything at this point. Then my husband gave me Dr. Song's business card to try acupuncture. I had nothing to lose. I was under his care for a month and noticed a change. Then two months and I am not completely cured; HOWEVER, I have not felt this great EVER!! I don't sneeze 100x a day, I don't have itchy, watery eyes and most important I can breathe through my nose. Which means I don't snore at night and I don't sound nasally! I feel 110% better that I have ever felt. I tell everyone that I know about Dr. Song." Feray Duman

"Dr. Song came highly recommended by my Podiatrist. He has helped me with my lower back pain and more recently with diverticulitis. Through therapy and manipulation along with at-home stretching exercises, I am very rarely in discomfort. Additionally, I have greater flexibility. (Good for my golf game)!

Acupuncture treatments combined with food and vitamin supplements have strengthened my digestive system. We continue to work toward optimum health for my whole body.

I highly recommend Dr. Song for any patient deserving the finest, the most competent healer. John Blassuci

"Acupuncture treatment, how has it helped me...

I presented to Dr. Song with five herniated/slipped discs of L2, L3, L4, L5 and S1. To say that I was in pain would have been an understatement. I came to believe that the road to recovery would be long and arduous at best.

However, after the very first visit, I began to feel much better. As a result of my herniated/slipped discs, I had radiculopathy radiating from my sciatic nerve through my groin and down my (R) shin bone to my ankle.

In fact, this sciatic radiculopathy pain was far greater than the pain I had in my back, but each time I received an acupuncture treatment from Dr. Song the pain lessened and I began to feel stronger and more like my self again.

It has now been just two months and I can honestly say I feel cured, and I do not say that lightly because I no longer have excruciating pain; or the accompanying radiculopathy from my sciatic nerve.

I am now a firm believer in acupuncture for these types of back injuries and the radiculopathy that often times accompanies it.

Your healing is a serious business, why waste time with other treatments that take time and cause you pain. Acupuncture has been around for hundreds of years and works, I'm living proof of that. I have no hesitation in saying, should I ever incur another back injury, I will seek out Dr. Song again for acupuncture treatment because I know it is painless and it works." Lindy L. Vandersteeg

"The first thing I've noticed during my visit at The Healing touch Chiropractic & Acupuncture is the cleanliness of the clinic. It's very conducive place for patients. Dr Song made me feel comfortable telling me exactly what the treatment should be, and the healing from such treatment. The treatment is helping me a lot." Hosea Catanus

"Currently, I have been seeing Dr. Song for 8 weeks. When I first came to the Healing Touch my visits were 3 times a week and I am NOW down to twice a week.

I came to the office with RIGHT wrist pain and left leg cramps. So far my wrist has improved, but I am still getting occasional leg cramps.

The office atmosphere is very pleasant , and I love the Hydro Massage Table." Karen Julien

"When I came to see Dr. Song, I had chronic elbow/arm pain, that had a far reaching effect on my life. I was unable to use my left arm-cooking, playing with my son, household chores, computer work at my job. Some days the pain was so unbearable it would bring me to tears.

Dr. Song saw on the x-rays that I had some problems with my neck and set me up on a 3x a week schedule.

By the time I had completed my 2nd week, the pain had gone from a 9 to a 1. I am now able to function with a smile on my face! Thank you Dr. Song. Susan Ace

"Recently, my right hand is trembling in day time, my walking is slow, my two legs are stiff and numb. I visited Dr. Song's office and talked to him about my problem after listening and discussing with me about, Dr. Song proposed me the following treatment: no medications yet, diet recommendations, required exercises at home, treatment performed by himself using professional equipments. After 2 weeks of 3 sessions of treatment, I feel much better. My two legs become "," my walking improved my... is better. I know the treatment needs more time, special care and initiatives from Dr. Song but a quick relief encourages me to continue until complete training." Tuong Doan

"Dr. Song has helped my back and neck very much. My aches and pains are almost all gone. I have neurapathy which is my biggest problem and have tingling and burning in my feet. I have noticed since going to Dr. Song and getting acupuncture I'm starting to feel better.

I also think DR. Song is a doctor with a great sense of humor and kindness. I feel lucky to have him as my doctor." Bernice Hennings

"Since I have been seeing Dr. Christian Song for back problems. He has gone to great lengths to come for my lower back problems. Dr. Song seems to listen to patient's needs."  Mark

"I found Dr. Song's practice through my companies website, and I came to Dr. Song with a sore neck and headaches. I had gone to a chiropractor about 6 years ago for some injuries I incurred while doing sports but hadn't been back for a long time. After meeting with Dr. Song for the first time I really felt they valued me as a patient and he took the time to explain me in detail what was wrong with my neck and how it was affecting me. After the first adjustment and treatment I already started feeling better and my headaches went away. After two weeks of therapy my back was no longer sore my neck felt good and my headaches were completely gone. During a therapy session I asked the Dr. if he worked on fingers also. Being a rock climber I put a lot of stress on my finger, and was having trouble with my middle fingers. Dr. Song said he could definitely take a look at them and after looking at my fingers he said he could definitely do some therapy on my fingers and hopefully reduce the scar tissue and pain that had built up in my fingers. After a week of therapy on my finger joints the pain has diminish and my fingers feel much stronger. I enjoy going to see Dr. Song because I know I will walk out of feeling better and I never have to wait long to see him. I also enjoy the laid back peaceful atmosphere that exists in his office. I would definitely recommend Dr. Song to any of my friends and family." Troy Creamer

"I am an 84yr old who came to Dr. Song with numb fingers and burning pain in my knees- I have been in treatment for 4 months. I have less pain in my knees and my fingers now are becoming less numb and have more feeling. Dr. Song and Iris are both pleasant, caring, and concerned. It is a pleasure to come to their office." Evelyn Zickgraff

"About three years ago I fractured my ankle. I was told by many specialist that I would need surgery to walk properly again. At that time I was in constant pain and walked with a limp. I did not want the surgery and decided to try acupuncture. I was referred to Dr. Song, who not only has helped with my ankle, I am now pain free and walking just fine. Also, he has helped with my fibromatosis and other problems that I have. Also, my sister had knee problems that he was able to help. He far go surgery on the knees. I would highly recommend Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatment for everyone." Sally Touraif

"On May 2007 I got involved in a car accident. I got hit on the driver side door. Immediately, I felt pain on my rib cage and left shoulder. I got sent to Saint Joseph Hospital in Elgin. Took x-rays and specimen to make sure no broken bones and internal bleeding. All test came out negative. I was sent home with just pain medication.

In the few days, I felt discomfort on my neck and left shoulder. My friend referred me to Dr. Song . I consult with Dr. Song and took X-Ray at my neck. With his result he found a problem about the location of my neck bone. Its not perfectly straight that cause discomfort. right away he started my treatment and I find it really effective and painless. Since then I felt a lot better. After a few visit from him I strongly recommend Dr. Song to my friends who ever need his healing touch." Lawrence Lugue

"Having experienced a cervical fusion in the past, I have had ongoing neck pain. Dr Song's combined approach of Chiropractic, acupuncture, and simple exercise has helped relieve the pain and improve the mobility in my neck." Julie Gedgaud

"Dr. Song has helped relieve both neck and lower back pain. I appreciate his thorough explanation of my X-rays and his cause of action to correct the problem areas. Dr. and Mrs. Song are both very pleasant people which gives their office a very nice atmosphere." Betty Whisnant

"I had an MRI test that showed I had irreversible damage to the disks in my back. Since I have been receiving Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatment my back pain has been reduced substantially. I can easily get in and out of bed and walking has been almost painless. I thank you Dr. Song for making me feel better." Leo Kleczhowski

"Dr. Song, I would like to thank you for the excellent professional care which you had provided me during the several weeks of treatment, Feb. -Mar. '07. I like to inform you that my lower back has been felt stronger and more at ease, even the side effect of the tail bone sensitiveness has disappeared. I am grateful to your conscientious and concerned care, especially I appreciate your courteous and pleasant mannerism to your patient. Right now, I am unable to follow up with your suggested long term treatment, because I have some other health issues which require my imminent attention. I am sure that down the line in future, I may be needing your professional care again." Catherine Chung

"I have been on the 21 day program and almost finished. I feel so much better more energy. I have also been able to stop drinking Diet soda without any effort. I hope that this program will allow me to continue to practice some of these great eating habits. I have less pain in my legs and I feel more positive about being able to do this. Also, my mind seems to be much clearer." Sally Tourif

"When I first went to see Dr. Song, I was having a severe back pain. I was not able to stand up straight , sit in a chair, and barely able to lift my feet enough to walk. The spasms in my back were unbearable. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Song. After 2 visits I was actually able to stand and walk well enough to return to work. I was still in pain, but after each visit my pain diminished. The Aqua massage did wonders! complete relaxation. Most importantly was I felt Dr. Song was genuinely concerned with my treatment and making me pain free. He talked to me about ways to strengthen my back to avoid further injuries. I have found that regular back adjustments have eliminated any acheiness I feel after working all day on my feet. My friends and family can't believe how quickly I improved after seeing Dr. Song." Susan Mayers

"I would like to thank Dr. Song for helping me after my chemotherapy for breast cancer. The after affects of chemo were swelling and fluid retention in my feet and ankles and one arm that would not go away. Before visiting Dr. Song I went to the hospital for traditional therapy for my arm. This therapy was "wrapping" the arm, but when the wrap was removed, the swelling came back as before. They said to "put my feet up" often for my ankles and feet which did not solve the problem.

Dr. Song prescribed Acupuncture and vibration therapy sessions, I got immediate relief and no longer suffer from the fluid retention in my feet and ankles. My arm is much improved. I intend to continue to see Dr. Song for maintenance and for a healthy life." Karen Wulf

"I suffered with lower back pain for years. Then I started doing stretches for my back. Then one day just taking a shower it hit me! Severe lower back pain. After 3 days I could still barely get out of Bed. I knew I had to see a chiropractor. That is what brought me to Healing Touch. I gained complete trust in Dr. Song in no time at all. I really appreciate the fact that even the supplement he gave me for the inflammation in my back was an all natural product. Within 2 weeks time Dr. Song had me not only getting out of bed easier but had me back to swimming 4 days a week! Thanks Dr. Song!" Don Storm

Dr. Song! Thank you for the letter you sent. I feel blessed to be on of your patients. Thank you for caring so much and providing such excellent care. God Bless. Stephanie Preuss

"My name is Linda and I am 52 years old. I am a preschool teacher and also have M.S. I began coming to see Dr. Song about 3 months ago. I have severe lower back pain and neck pain. There were many days where I would cry due to the pain. With my job I am always bending over and picking up children. That became very difficult. Now after coming here I am pretty much pain free. I am very happy and so is my husband. The office is very friendly and understanding if I need to change my appointment." Linda Martinez

  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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